Barbershop Switch at Marveld Recreatie

During your vacation to the hairdresser? You have come to the right place at our holiday park in the Achterhoek Here you will find Kapsalon Switch. Kapsalon Switch is a trendy salon where you can undergo a haircut according to the latest hair fashion, or even a complete metamorphosis. You will be advised and kindly assisted by one of our professional hair stylists.

Celebrate well-styled holidays
Barbershop Switch frequently keeps abreast of the latest trends by following seminars and workshops.

The Switch team consists of 2 hair stylists who will be happy to receive you. Switch has its own entrance, on the left next to the main entrance of the swimming pool and the bowling alleys (above the main entrance, 1st floor). Kapsalon Switch prefers to work on reservation (T. ++31 544-462526).
You can make an appointment online at

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