Child outings at Marveld Recreatie and in the Achterhoek

Day recreation for kids

Marveld Recreatie is excellent for children’s outings. Especially with our fantastic playground!

Marveld Recreatie is located in Groenlo in the Achterhoek. An exciting environment for children, since the history of Groenlo refers to the time of knights and castles. There is therefore plenty to do around the Marveld holiday park!

Kinder-arrangementen Marveld Recreatie

For the children there are packages at Marveld Recreatie.

  • Birthday parties in the subtropical swimming pool or competition pool.
  • Have fun playing in the super fun attraction playground, followed by pancakes or eating pizza!
  • Children’s bowling, with extra fencing in the lane
  • Indoor barbecuing


Children's outings around Marveld Recreatie

There is a lot to do for children in the Marveld Recreatie area:

  • canoeing in the Slinge that runs directly behind Marveld Recreatie (sailing on the Slinge is possible from the end of June to the beginning of September)
  • ‘klootschieten’ through the typical Achterhoek area
  • relive the 80-year war during the children’s cycle tour “Under fire”
    Groenlo was an important defensive stronghold during the sieges around 1627. Learn more about Groenlo with Harmen and Bregje in the time of Prince Frederik Hendrik.

More information about the above outings at the reception of Marveld Recreatie.

Marveld Recreatie
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